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"What ever is true, good, beautiful...
...think upon these things"
There's a Party in Heaven
This breathtaking tour of the Land of Surprises (Heaven) is a collection of joyful promises, hope, and excitement about what Heaven is like and what to expect. 
365 Daily Devotions for 
Teen Girls (left) and Teen Guys (right)
Written by teen girls and teen guys, this unique 365-day  devotional is filled with personal experiences that are relatable and heartfelt. It's not only an encouraging way to gain perspective, deal with difficult issues, and maneuver the path of adulthood but it also leads into a deeper relationship with Christ and we are able to see how God works in all our lives.
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Give Me Grace
Give Me Grace is the perfect way to begin or end a child's busy day. These prayers for kindness, for love, for gratitude, and for guidance offer a new special thanks for each day of the week.
Miraculous Me
What thoughts crossed your mother's mind when she first saw you? What dreams unfurled in your father's heart? This enchanting story will show you what might have come to mind when your parents first laid eyes on you. Miraculous Me is heartwarming with beautiful illustrations that parents can share with their children to remind them that they are truly a blessing from God.
 Wild Grace: What Happens When Grace Happens
 Max Lucado offers a close look at God’s answer for the confusion of life—grace.God’s grace has a drenching about it. A wildness about it. A whitewater, riptide, turn-you-upside-downness about it. Grace comes after you. Grace can change your life in powerful ways, even when that life is messed up, off track, or in trouble. Discover what this grace is all about. Listen to true stories of how grace changed the lives of other teens, and learn how it can work on you and through you
 Fly a Little Higher
Laura Sobiech tells the amazing story of how God used her son’s battle with cancer to touch the lives of millions.At that point, Zach Sobiech was just another teenager battling cancer with one year to live. When his mother told him to think about writing good-bye letters to family and friends, he decided instead to write songs. One of them, “Clouds,” captured hearts and changed not one life but millions, making him an international sensation.But Zach’s story is not just about music. It’s a testament to what can happen when you live as if each day might be your last. It’s a story about the human spirit.