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"What ever is true, good, beautiful...
...think upon these things"
"I shopped at Love for many years. It is my favorite store! I purchased so many collectibles and Christian items there. I got to know the staff well and they are so knowledgeable of everything in the store."
  -Carol C.
​"This is the best store! I live in Michigan and Florida, and there is nothing like this in either place!"
    -Deanna B.
* NEW Store Hours

 Mon - Fri: 10 am - 5 pm

Sat: 10 am - 3 pm

Sunday: Closed
​"I am so grateful we have a place to come for the perfect gift when a loved one is hurting."  
    -One of our lovely customers!  
​"I've been away for 20 years. This was my favorite store when I left. It still is." 
    -Mary G.
​"Always attentive staff and owners! They are willing and able to help find the perfect gift for the occasion at hand, without undo hovering! Love this place !!"
    -Cheryl C.
​"I've never been in a store as nice as this anywhere! When I travel, I visit stores in NYC, New Orleans, all over the U.S. But this store has beat them all by far!"
    -Dr. John M.
​"I've traveled all across the country and Bob& Zandra Cross' christian book store- Love is by far the most affordable place to have items engraved!!"
    -Nikole T.
Displayers for Sale
"Magnificent store - HUGE! Great line of inspirational and uplifting gifts. Great place to pick up cards for weddings, baptisms and First Communions. 11 out of 10!"
  -Steve G.
Love Store closing after 45 years
Final day is yet to be determined
Retirement Closing
Tentative Final Day: Sep 30, 2022
Several fixtures & displayers in the store are for sale now!